About Belreis
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About us

Swedish designer and artist Sara Belreis founded her eponymous fashion brand in 2018, driven by her own frustration with the lack of versatile and comfortable clothing options.

Belreis was determined to create a line of elegant and liberating garments that would allow women to feel confident and empowered, and to pursue their ambitions with ease.

Inspired by the concept of "effortless elegance," Belreis designed a capsule wardrobe that would free women from the constraints of fashion.

Tired of a neutral, monochromatic wardrobe, she also decided to incorporate her own artwork by creating signature prints.

"I am dedicated to designing clothing that feels liberating. My goal is to help women feel unstoppable, so that they can achieve their greatest aspirations." says Belreis.

With her meticulous attention to detail and her passion for beauty, Belreis creates timeless designs that are made to last.

Today, the Sara Belreis lifestyle brand is renowned for its unique prints and versatile, go-to outfits that women will want to wear time and time again.